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The centre offers all year round various handicraft workshops for groups who would like to accompany their visit to the area with an activity.  


For more information and booking please contact

Anu Randmaa at .

During the workshop you can visit our craft shop and exhibition room.

Roositud/Small inlay ornament


A century and a half ago, women from the Tõstamaa area wore beautiful stockings and gloves decorated with inlay ornaments. The ornaments became more and more glamorous over time.

In this workshop you will learn our traditional handicraft techniques roositud/inlay knitting.

The beginners do not need to have special previous experience of the craft.  You will embroider a small colourful inlay ornament with woollen yarns on a pre-knitted square. The finished embroidered square can be applied to an item as an embellishment.  



Small inlay ornament  workshop:

45 minutes for group 6-12

20€ /participant

 Roositud/Small inlay pincushion for   advanced-level


In this workshop you will knit a small pincushion. It has only inlay-knitting and no fringes. 1.5mm needles and yarn No 7/2 (Fine, 350 m/100g) will be used. Finishing can be left as homework- it depends on participantś progress and if they choose to use a thinner yarn and needles. The workshop is guided by two Tõstamaa knitting masters. 


Small inlay pincushion  workshop:

3 hours for group 6-20



Roositud/Inlay wrist warmers


A century and a half ago, women from Tõstamaa intricately knitted their own gloves tightly with fine yarn and delicate needles. The gloves and stockings were primarily composed of red "roositud" inlay ornaments. Nowadays, women also wear intricately knitted "roositud" inlay wrist warmers in addition to gloves, crafted with fine yarn.

In this workshop you will knit inlay wrist warmers using 1.25 mm needles and yarn No 12/2 (Lace, 600 m/100g). The workshop is guided by two Tõstamaa knitting masters. The participants can finish wrist warmers as homework. 



Inlay wrist warmers workshop:

4,5 hours for group 6-20


Traditional knitting bag


A knitting bag is an indispensable accessory that goes hand in hand with folk costumes. In the past, women carried yarn and knitting needles in the knitting bag to continue their knitting at any free moment. Nowadays, the knitting bag can be carried as a handbag.

In this workshop you will learn about our traditional knitting bag.


Traditional knitting bag workshop:

3 hours for group 6-20

38€/participant (materials are included)

DSC_0098 copy.jpg

Braiding traditional leg band


Ribbons and garters have played a major role through history as fastenings, decorative accessories and ritual elements. Garters have been used to hold stockings up, they have been woven in different ways.

In this workshop you will learn to braiding traditional leg band.


Braiding traditional leg band workshop:

1,5 hours for group 6-12

20€/participant (materials are included)


Ethnic necklaces workshop


Beads were traditionally attributed with magical power that protected against evil. Special enchantment was associated with black beads. The first string of beads was placed around a girlś neck shortly after birth by her godparents. The beads were worn loosely, tied from the back of the neck. Alternatively, the beads were threaded onto a linen cord, formed into a circle and secured with a silk ribbon or a colorful fabric strip, worn as a double row around the neck. As the girl matured into a woman/mother/grandmother, the bead necklace was gradually supplemented over time with beads representing  significant ife events, eventually forming the so-called “life path” of a woman. Beads were worn literally from cradle to grave. Silver clasps and coins were also inserted between the beads. 

Making ethnic necklaces is fun and relaxing. 

DSC_0021 9.JPG

  • The workshop lasts 2 hours.

  • The price is 20 €/participant + material.

  • We will weigh your necklace; the beads cost 30 €/100g.

  • On average, the material price is 14-20 €/necklace

Wedding tassels


In the past, festive ribbons were decorated with ribbon tassels in Tõstamaa. These ribbon tassels were also called wedding tassels, because  of these ribbons tassels were decorated with ribbons of veimevaka, all other wedding gifts as well as ribbons intended as gifts for male guests. In the clothing, ribbon tassels were attached to the ends of women's apron straps, ribbon straps and men's garters. It was a reuse of the time. Since the beautiful and colorful quilt fabric was a purchase goods, it was expensive. Therefore, every small strip of cloth was used.

In the workshop you will make on of these beautiful and festive ribbon tassel. To add a bit of protection, colors, nationality and romance to our lives.

DSC_5334 2.jpg

Tassel ribbon workshop:

45 minutes for group 6-20,

 12€/participant (materials are included)

 Lecture "Estonian folk costumes"


You have the opportunity to order lectures of varying lengths on the history of Estonian folk costumes by Anu Randmaa.

Lecture on folk costumes, including slide show. Dress up on the theme of "The Circle Of Life". Costumes and beliefs related to folk clothing. From the birth of the child, for example, a boy was left through. The skirt and a girl through the trouser leg and then the shirt was put on, throat bead around the neck. The traditions and heritage of Tõstamaa.

There is an opportunity to see the folk costumes of women, men and children of Tõstamaa, the folk costumes of Lihula women.


Lecture by Anu Randmaa:

Please let us know which content from our lectures interests you the most and we will tailor the program for you.

The price depends on the volume of the content.

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